Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lovely couple . . . 190/365

About a month ago I did a month old baby session. Yesterday his mom calls me and says that her sister is in from out of town (Maryland) and she loved the babies pictures so much she'd like to know if I could squeeze her in today for a session.
I "squeezed" her in. Dave assisted me. Thanks hon, I appreciate your help.
I'd never been to this park, it's gorgeous! I'll be visiting there often.

Here's Wendy, her boyfriend and their dog. Steppy, their dog, is obviously their baby.
We had a great time.

Used some coffee shop actions on a few of these.


Tess said...

Nice job, Sandra!

Eric L said...

Nice work! Have a happy mothers day!

Jennifer said...

love the snapshots.. Glad you could go ahead take pictures for them.

love the pix of dog and owners' legs in background!!

Happy Mother's day!!

Brittany said...

LOVE the leg shot! My fave!


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