Tuesday, May 26, 2009

205 & 206 out of 365

Just some beauties from my yard.

Khalila took 3 images from Isabella's photo shoot a couple of days ago and played her magic. She is so talented. She came up with this one.


Amanda said...

Beautiful flowers! I especially like the 3rd one! The collage is so creative. She is talented, I agree. I really like it! She had great images to work with too. :)

Jennifer said...

flowers so pretty!

Here Iris haven't bloomed yet, been eye on them.

Cool what K have done with Isabella's pixs.. she's talented!

Tess said...

I love those flowers! I don't have a garden here but will try again when we move back to the mainland. :)

I love what K did with that! She is VERY talented! Wow!

snaphappee said...

Beautiful! All of them!


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