Monday, May 18, 2009

198/365 Finally . . .?

Well a few of you have asked about me taking pictures of my oldest. . .here she is!
Not the glamour shot I was expecting but none the less, it's pictures of her! YAY
In full uniform.
she's always laughing, until she puts that uniform on then she's all serious.
For the outdoor shots I used OFC, that's her with her dog Nyobi.

I was excited to use the backdrop Pam gave me again. I think it's approprate, don't you?

Just playing around with dramatic lighting. I know it's a bit blown, but she likes the effect.

Any suggestions on lighting?


Jennifer said...

great snapshots of Sandrita!

love the background!!

snaphappee said...

Zowie Howie she's gorgeous! I knew that, but you just reminded me again.

I have a suggestion for lighting - DO MORE OF THIS! These look awesome! The one thing I might change on the last photo is to use a reflector to lessen some of the shadows across the right (her right) side of her chin and neck. I wouldn't want to eliminate the shadows completely, but that one sort of triangular shadow is a little distracting.

Beautiful work, Sandra!

Amanda said...

These are great shots! Your daughter is beautiful!

Brittany said...

That second to the last one is my very FAVE! Perfect background for it - gives me chills.

Asiam Designs Photography said...

I love # 3.... Like mother like daughter. She is so beautiful. Great Background.

Jen said...

Amazing photographs! And she is beautiful!

Eric L said...

These are spectacular Sandra! Your really getting the hang of this, like Elli said, DO MORE! Love the flag, really works.


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