Friday, May 29, 2009

209/365 My Mother in law's Enchanted Garden

Hi, these are yesterdays images. We went over to my in laws, and my brothers-in-laws were there too. We had a very nice evening. Except for the "normal" sibling rivalry between brothers and that was all in good fun too. We were only missing my sister in law. She lives a bit far so her visits have to be planned ahead of time.
The food was great.
I walked around the yard and took some pictures. Well, I took a lot of pictures.
I'll be sharing for the next three days post #209 because we are going camping and I won't have Internet access, but I'll still take my one a day image and catch up later.

My father in law built this. . . it's a wagon. Took some planning, but our guys are pretty handy.

I think her garden is pretty enchanted.


snaphappee said...

What a lovely garden! Have a great time camping!

Jennifer said...

lovely garden..

Have a great time away.

Amanda said...

I love the colors and the bokeh in the last one.


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