Friday, March 27, 2009

Yes it is definately Spring . . .147/365

I was out in the yard yesterday and these were not open. Today when I walking home from work I see these yellow splashes of color in the yard and "Hello Spring" there it is. Yes we are expecting some snow and cold weather, but this tells me that if the snow does come, it won't stay long.

What do you do with a picture that the exposure is off? If it's not a human face you Topaz Adjust it! LOL


Jennifer said...

No way! my flowers are still haven't open to bloom yet!

Your lucky!!

Amanda said...

Mine haven't even popped through the ground yet.... Soon! Great shot! Very spring!

Tess said...

I miss Spring! I think it's my favourite season and it just doesn't really happen here in the same way! :)

Design by Jenn said...

oh yay!! I love Spring!!


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