Friday, March 13, 2009

The four seasons in one day . . . 132/365

It's been a long, hard, bitterly cold winter. Yesterday we had snow flurries. I put my gloves and hats away a few weeks ago - I don't know what I was thinking!
This afternoon the sun was shinning so I ventured out to the back yard. I'm assessing the winter damage. Here's the pool of "water" that will hopefully continue being our fountain.

Mr. Tomatoe head is happy because even though the ground is still frozen in areas our "Chives" survived the brutal winter. There they are almost 3 inches tall ready to be harvested already.

and the daffodils have multiplied plenty. They are growing all over the fence line and the flower beds.

This picture represents fall - I saw the pine cone and thought it might look awesome in black and white.

and, we will just call this one summer. I found it in the flower bed. Who knows I probably had a starter or a flower there last summer.

See what a little sun can do for me?


snaphappee said...

Beautiful! You have spring! I want some of that! Actually, my mom has crocuses coming up, but there's not much else looking springy here. Thanks for sharing these seasons!

Tess said...

Beautiful pictures!

Jennifer said...

Cool snapshots you have got!

I thin the Spring is here, and we don't feel it. why because seen bugs.. in house already.

By the way in my picture with flurries.. It's on a table and it is not ice.

Design by Jenn said...

yay! Glad everything survived!! It's great to get outside .... maybe I'll get out today and start planning our garden -- it should be warm enough :)


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