Saturday, March 7, 2009

Portraits of my In-Laws 126/365

I didn't take it today but I edited today so it counts! LOL
My in-laws are so cool! Sorry guys but I have the best-in-laws in the world!!!
They are such a fun couple - they're getting ready to celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary.


Eric L said...

Lol, of course it counts :P

Nice shot, you really are getting that studio stuff!

snaphappee said...

Wait! I thought I had the best in-laws! How 'bout I get the best in-laws in the mountain west, and you get the best in-laws in the midwest?

Nice shot!

Jennifer said...

Happy 52nd wedding anniversary to them!!

(can see happiness in them)

Amanda said...

That's a nice portrait of you in-laws! I also like the one of your mom that you added after I commented yesterday. :) You look like her.


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