Sunday, March 15, 2009

The snow has finally melted 134/365

It took 8 clicks to get the image I wanted and here it is. It's underneath a huge flower pot in the park and as the ice has melted it was dripping.
It's been a wonder two days here - 50 & 55 degree temps and sunny!
Yes Spring!!!

I read a book today called "How to Photograph Your Life, capturing everyday moments with your camera and your Heart" by Nick Kelsh

It's a very basic photography book, for beginners and Hobiest's. I highly recommend it for anyone learning. Some chapters were refreshers a few were nice challenges. Like these two pictures here.

"Appreciate the effect light is having on your feelings now and how it will affect what - and when - you photograph in the future. Now apply a similar experiment to photographing a house. Take one picture at noon and another at that moment in the evening when the interior lights on the house and the background sky are balanced.

It's the difference between a real estate ad and a photograph of a warm, inviting home." pg78
Camera on tri-pod first image taken at 5p.m. last image taken at 7:30p.m.
I took pictures every 30 minutes.

This is the side of our home. The grapevines,the glass structure on the viewers left is a green house, the large window is our dinning room, directly under that is our basement/laundry room, the stairs take you to my studio. I tied the curtains open today to let the sun shine in. You can almost see the kitchen in the night picture.

There are two other challenges I will be trying in the near future.


Tess said...

What a fun challenge! It really does make a huge difference, doesn't it! Love that drop, too.

snaphappee said...

Wow!! Great work Sandra! That drop was a fantastic capture, and the challenge photo is fabulous! I'm going to have to try that!

Jess said...

I'm totally jelous of the shots you've gotten lately! Nice work following and keeping up with your 365.

I love your water drop, excellent! I just read your note about your hubby's cast ironware too. It's good stuff!...and it's funny I mentioned food photography as an interest, and you have that beautiful chocolate strawberry, that is looking so scrumptious! Nice.....

Jennifer said...

amazing snapshot of water drop.

def interest what you are doing with some challenges from book.. to keep up what to look for to take pictures.

Amanda said...

Great "drop" shot! I really like the evening shot! What a difference. Sounds like a great book.


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