Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nice Lazy Sunday 142/365

Tess has inspired me to FINALLY learn digital scrapbooking. I have paper scrapbooked for years and since I decided to get serious about photography I have very little time left for this hobby that I love. So I picked up some tips from Jessica Sprague and I bought a template for $3.99. Pretty inexpensive.

Here is another fantastic site I've been visiting lately. Living Locurto (here) You'll find tons of "FREE" stuff there. Free fits my budget right about now.

Speaking of Free - here's a link for some beautiful FREE scrapbooking kits! Shabby Chic

And the final product:

I've had fun creating this one. I think I will cheat with the digi scrapbooking until I can get the hang of it. It no way gave me the challenge or the satisfaction that cutting, ripping, inking, stamping, gluing . . . you get the idea, does but I think I'll be able to catch up on Isabella's books pretty quickly.

And for the picture of the day (I've been pretty long winded today)

It's a swap area a few minutes from home.


snaphappee said...

That scrapbook page is beautiful!! You did a wonderful job on that! Your photo of the day is lovely too. Nice work!

Jennifer said...

fun LO you did! I still couldn't see myself to mess with digital scrapbook.

love that sunset pix!!

Tess said...

Beautiful page! I've bookmarked those pages, too! Thanks! :)

Mel said...

the scrapbook page looks great! I paper scrap and have gobs and gobs of stuff to do it with, just haven't had the time or the space in the past view years...I might have to look into digital!

Amanda said...

Beautiful picture today! Your scrapbook page is awesome! Thanks for sharing the links that you used. I might have to try it. I bought M an 8x8 scrapbook kit instead of a baby book but sadly it isn't even started.


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