Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yawn . . . 123/365

Didn't know what to take a picture of, so I asked Elli for a suggestion. She said, "how about something you cannot live without?" Ha?
I worked late today, cleaned house, cooked dinner, put laundry away - what can I "Not live without?" besides air?

So I went to my bedroom and just so happen to see my nice fluffy bed, all made up pretty and all and though aha! but that's boring righ? So, (DON'T TELL DAVE, cause we never allow the dogs on the bed but for the sake of my photography I was willing to sacrifice LOL) I plopped one dog at a time up there just for the picture.

Twix is the youngest, She's 4 and has grey hair because she's a dapple.
Reesee, is the neurotic one, my poor baby, she's 6. I miss having a really big dog, but I love these girls - they are so much fun.


snaphappee said... got fabulous shots of your beautiful little ladies! And I love your bedding! The dog-babies who don't belong there look lovely against such a backdrop. But I won't tell Dave.

Amanda said...

These turned out really nice! It's fun to hear your process of deciding. I feel like I go through some sort of process everyday!

Jennifer said...

Your dogs in pictures on the bed.. So pretty. Made me want to kidnap your dogs to play with.

Eric L said...

Ooh, beutifuldogs! great shot Sandra, way to be a rebel ;)


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