Tuesday, November 30, 2010

D-333 Peak into my world

or at least a peak into my living room.

#ds380 The Golden Ratio has been used in art for millennia. Use or illustrate the Golden Ratio in a photograph today.

The fact that you can see my whole living room in that bulb was a nice surprise. I was concentrating on the Christmas tree bokeh.

Peak into my world
In 36 days and I would have completed the second year of this project. I have accomplished the goal that I set out to do - Improve my photography. I feel pretty satisfied that I have accomplished that, there are several more goals that I still need to accomplish. Tonight I need to spend sometime brainstorming and putting pen to paper (away from the computer), to see what unravels.

Do you set yearly goals? Do you track your progress throughout the year?
The end of the calender year and the beginning of the new year always get me to writing things down. I do however constantly update my goals. Is there a specific time of year that you decide to revamp your goals?

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Nikhil Ramkarran said...

Now this is what I call high concept. Beautifully thought out. You are moving from strength to strength as we come down to the home stretch. Excellent photo today.

Levonne said...

I use to set goals almost continuously when I worked fulltime. But now I am not as goal focused. I've been busy experiencing this last year on the road. I'd like to move back towards setting some goals because I think I'm getting too soft! So this may be a good time.

Amanda said...

Love this photos Sandra! It's both festive and soothing! Makes me look forward to the month ahead! :)

Carolyn Ford said...

This is such a beauty! Gorgeous Christmas bokeh and reflections...wow, Sandra!

Levonne said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovely festive mood in this shot. Bokeh(s) have turned out real nice and they seem to complement the glow on the ornament.

greygirl25 said...

This is beautiful. Definitely one of my favorites.

What happens at the end of the second year?

snaphappee said...

This is a stunning photo! I would love to see this printed large and hung up as part of the Christmas decor. Truly lovely!

I can't believe we're almost at the end of our second year! I was just thinking about next year's goals myself. I think that next year's project for me will be more family-focused - documenting my family in a way that will ultimately end up in book form. But I'm not set on that...I'm still considering.

shirley said...

Lovely and soft! Beautiful all around. Did you use your flash or that clamp light?
I set goals all the time - it's a requirement at work, and I do find myself to be more driven that way.
I, too, am approaching the 2 year mark and not sure what could be "next" or I continue on.

Judy said...

Beautiful again. I love writing with pen and paper as well. I wish I had the discipline to make goals.


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