Saturday, November 6, 2010

D-311 Get a little closer

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We've been kind of busy but trying to enjoy the weekend, even had our first snow of the season.
1st snow
took that from the door.

The daily shoot Sometimes, the best advice is to get closer. Today, get really close to your subject. Use a macro lens if you have one.
These are all macro shots - love getting close
Window lighting
It's in the details
The main reason I love buying myself flowers is . . . I'll always have a subject to pose for me. LOL

Beautiful imperfection
Beautiful Imperfection
and I even managed to get an abstract image. Love the colors in this one

Read several articles on lighting and shooting pictures in dark places. Also viewed images on flickr.

I created a Facebook page for my photography business. If you get a chance "like" it and support me there. Thanks.

I'm loving your comments and wish there was a better way to interact with you all.


greygirl25 said...

Beautiful macro shots. Love the DoF.

As for the snow, you just keep it there. Our rainy season is officially kicking off.

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

The last (the abstract) and the second to last are my favourites. I am a sucker for a good abstract and the second to last shot has a quality to it that I can't adequately describe, colourful yet not overdone. Very nice.

Levonne said...

All your shots today are absolutely wonderful. I love the detail, the light, the clarity in your shots and the color. You are one very good photographer! You have inspired me to go right out in the rain right now with the macro lens and take a few pictures!

shirley said...

Wow, SNOW already?
Beautiful macros - that 105mm is the next on my list...

snaphappee said...

That second-to-last shot is just gorgeous! The lines leading to the center, the rich colors, the close nature of the shot...perfect!

Anonymous said...

Snow already?
I really like the monochrome shot.

Enrique G.A. said...

Beautiful photographs, capturing some beautiful flowers.
Very good combination of textures, and good combination of colors.
Buenos macros.

Anonymous said...

the black and white version is stunning and really shows of the detail. I have really enjoyed catching up with your blog, it's been way too long.


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