Sunday, November 21, 2010

D-324 Water & Oil equal art

The daily shoot:
Daily Shoot 371
Find or make a reflection in a window today and shoot through it to create a layered composition.

I guess I didn't really follow the rules because it's not shot through a window but it is shot through a glass. I got the idea from Alison M Photography.
Water & oil

Water & oil rs

and during the experiment this abstract came to life

You can read the how to here E-zine

Images Viewed: Alison M


snaphappee said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I'm going to have to check into this! That first one is just stunning!

Carolyn Ford said...

OMG! This is so awesome! BEAUTIFUL! I have got to try it VERY soon! Wow! How fun!

greygirl25 said...

That is very cool, looks like something I might just have to try.

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

Great work, that must have been fun to try. I used to do more of this type of experimentation earlier in the year, but I seem to have lost that train of adventure.

I will definitely have to try this one though, thanks for bringing it to our attention (and for setting such a great example).

Another thing I had wanted to try was water drops, I made one attempt but never followed up. Lots of potential for frustration with that one though.

Excellent work as always, that trip seems to have revitalized you.

Enrique G.A. said...

Impressive as everyone says, and as I always have to experiment with art.
Very good work, Greetings.

shirley said...

I love them all - very cool looking images. I'll need to try it.

Amanda said...

Wow!! These are great, everything about them! Focus is perfect, colors, composition, everything!!

Anonymous said...

Nice work Sandra!
Lovely colors and atop that I like the texture of the glass. As Nikhil commented, I too have lost interests in trying out new things - may be lack of time ;)

Levonne said...

Sandra, First thanks for looking at my pics and leaving comments. I appreciate. Second, I love the photos in your recent posts. The colors, the creative angles, the dof. Nice. But I feel as though I'll never outgrow my current camera. There is endless learning to be had with it! I think that I may want to use Levonne's Pretty Pics as a more experimental, learning blog and use my other one for pictures to document my journey in the RV. I was thinking that I might combine them but I think they can serve their own purposes.

Anonymous said...

looks like fun and really nice results. I think its very liberating to just play every now and again.

Leslie said...

oh my gosh - that's amazing. Ok. I'm going to have to play and try to figure this out!!


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