Tuesday, November 23, 2010

D-326 Studio on a budget and Happy B-D Miss Isabella

First and foremost, I want to wish Miss Isabella a very happy 4th birthday. Four years ago, on a Thanksgiving day, you came into our lives and our world will never be the same. You've brought so much joy and sunshine into our lives. I love you so much. Thanks for spending the night we had so much fun.
Having breakfast before school today.
Window light
4th birthday_
Just a few extras
Talking to her mom on the phone - lamp light
Talking to mom
and I played with textures
Happy Birthday
this texture belongs to Photozoo on flicker (TTV)

Took advantage of the daily shoot today: White on White challenge.
I've had several friends talk about needing better equipment and being intimidated by lighting. Here I set up a budget studio, made of a clamp light (any hardware store carries these for under $4.00) 3 Whiteboards/poster boards I got at the dollar store and I used a reflector that I have.
Here's a picture of the set up:
White light setuprs
This is the final image
Final productrs
taking away one board (the boards serve as a fill light)
Final productrs
taking away 2 boards
and finally taking away all of the boards and reflector.
I think any of these images would work it's just a matter of preference.
Yesterday I used a flash light today I used a clamp light. What are you using that budget conscious? Share


Amanda said...

Happy birthday to Isabella!! It's been fun watching her grow!
Thanks for sharing your set up for your white on white. SO much of what I do is budget conscious. Today for some of my photos, I used the wall as a backdrop but lit it with OCF behind my subject. E is sick today and looks it so I won't be posting the results but will definitely try it another time. :)

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

I love your experimentation with lighting, and particularly your teaching approach when describing what you did. I really want to experiment with light modifiers the way you do, but I don't have access to the things you can obtain easily. As a result, I have to light vicariously through your experiments :)

The white on white photos are magazine quality without a doubt, but in this post the photos I love are the ones of your granddaughter. Superb!

snaphappee said...

Great post! Happiest of birthdays to Isabella!

Once again you share great information! I love the dollar store for lighting helps too - I got a small mirror (designed for a school locker) that I often use to bounce light around my makeshift studio (which look a lot like yours!). I move it around to change where the shadows fall - especially when doing food photography. http://www.flickr.com/photos/alifeofjoy/4386227002/ (In this case I was using window light on one side instead of another posterboard.)

shirley said...

Happy birthday to Isabella! She is such a cutie.

OK, I'm going to buy a clamp light and some foam core and experiment a bit....

greygirl25 said...

happy birthday Isabella!

\OK, your white on white is stunning. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Will have to try your DIY budget studio setup one of these days...I always want to setup one of these but never seem to get that moment to set it up. These seems to be an easy DIY project.

Thanks for sharing Sandra!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I'll be visiting the local $ store for some supplies. Thanks for the idea!!

Last week, I used an equally inexpensive setup except it was a black background. I bought a 'hunk' of black velor from a fabric store and covered a large section of the kitchen table. Next to the kitchen table is a patio door (sliding door), so I get lots of natural light. I set up the tripod and started photographing. Here are links to two shots I've posted, I have several more that I have not yet scheduled.



P.S., great shots of your daughter - she is very photogenic!


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