Wednesday, November 24, 2010

D-327 - Thankful

Tomorrow in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. I, personally, believe that the meaning of that holiday has been long lost, but at least it is a day thay my family (as most American families) try to get together. So, my immediate and extended family will get together tomorrow and share a meal and catch up and of coarse take pictures.
Happy Thanksgiving Day

Today's challenge at Project 365 Facebook is - "Thankful."
Today's images were lit by candle light. I did do some post processing in photoshop.

My Mantel decorated for Fall
Thankful - 2010

and another one for the thankful challenge
This one I processed with NicoleVan Chic Vintage.
Thankful 2010

Anyone else using a different form of lighting? Go ahead and share your ideas or projects.
A couple extras because I love this picture of my daughter and Isabella


Images viewed: Robin Whalley


greygirl25 said...

I love the horizontal picture of your daughter and Isabella, it is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots Sandra lit by candles. Your photo arrangements on the mantel really looks good and really gives the welcoming feel.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and good to know you via this Photo 365 project.

Amanda said...

Very nice candle lit photos! I love your decor! Happy Thanksgiving Sandra!

Carolyn Ford said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Sandra. Your mantel is so warm and inviting. Very lovely images captured by candle light.

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

I like the concept behind this series. I'd never have thought of doing that. As for the photos themselves, I like the last one best. For me, it emphasizes the concept of thankfulness. Doesn't hurt that the picture (of which you are taking a picture) is one of my favourite of yours.

snaphappee said...

These are lovely - the ambiance is wonderful! My favorite is the last one too, because you get a dreamy view of that photo.

Anonymous said...

I think the last one is also my favourite. At first I felt the background was too dark but then I decided I liked the fact that I had to work a little harder to draw out the details. Very nice


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