Friday, November 19, 2010

D-322 TGIF - low key image

The daily shoot and project 365 facebook challenge today are "curves" and low key.
Yesterdays image would have been perfect for today's challenge but oh well . . .

Wikipedia: Low-key lighting (or ambient lighting) is a style of lighting for photography, film or television. It attempts to create a chiaroscuro effect. In traditional photographic lighting, three-point lighting uses a key light, a fill light, and a back light for even illumination. Low-key lighting requires only one key light, optionally controlled with a fill light or a simple reflector.

Low key light accentuates the contours of an object by throwing areas into shade while a fill light or reflector may illuminate the shadow areas to control contrast. The relative strength of key-to-fill, known as the lighting ratio, can be measured using a light meter. Low key lighting has a higher lighting ratio, e.g. 8:1, than high key lighting, which can approach 1:1.

So although most images low key are black and white - they don't have to be.

Low key

I got these in the mail today, a gift from Alexis, thank you so much!
Coffee Cups
That little dino came with it too.
and I used it too
me with my cups
the Nikon is mine.
I was doing the laundry from vacation and Twix wanted to make sure we didn't leave her again - so she jumped in the suit case. This is where I found her this morning.

Twix in suit casers

I'm trying to catch up and go over to my friends blogs. I'll get these soon.
Still reading my camera manual

Have a great weekend.

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Nikhil Ramkarran said...

Masterful control of light is what separates the professional or talented amateur from the dilettante and snapshotter.

It is singularly important, even if you don't use light modifiers, to understand how lighting works for each photograph you take.

Personally, I think I do fairly well at composing images, but I've still got a while to go with using light. I always enjoy your experiments with light, because it helps me understand things just a little better.

I like the self portrait. Very coy :)

snaphappee said...

Great photo! I also like all the information you included in your post. Thank you for always helping the rest of us to be better photographers!

Anonymous said...

I like your low key image shot. Lovely curves and details are quite nice.

Those coffee mug looks awesome. I remember seeing them in photography magazines.

Amanda said...

Great images, all of them! Love those mugs! :)

Anonymous said...

the last one is just adorable and really tells a story all by itself. The lighting enhances the sentiment in the story.


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