Saturday, September 4, 2010

D-251 & D-252 Wedding and My girls

My daughter is so beautiful
My beautiful daughter
She came home for the weekend (she's in the Army on active Duty in Kentucky) and today we did a photoshoot with her and Isabella.

I love this image
The daily shoot "Welcome the new week (and holiday in the US) by making a bright cheery photo outdoors and posting it today."

Sandrita & Isabella

Yesterday I second shot a wedding for my friend Shawn. The bride and groom wanted to go to Chicago for some Urban type shots. We had so much fun.
Bride/Groom in Chicago

and the last one of the day is another Doxie I met in the park.
This is Audrey. This little one is pretty sick with a rare genetic disease that kills her skin. She's also a friendly little one.

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Judy said...

She IS beautiful and those are great shots. Kentucky? I'm near Lexington.

snaphappee said...

You already know my opinion of those shots of your ladies, but I'll mention it again - STUNNING!

That wedding shot is fantastic too!

greygirl25 said...

A wonderful set of images.

I love the image of your daughter and granddaughter, it is so sweet.

How are they doing with mom in Kentucky?

AB said...

Your daughter is very pretty and the photos do her great justice.

Montreal Weddings said...

Wow.............just awesome

Anonymous said...

Nice shots Sandra.
Lovely pose on the 1st shot and the 2nd one is priceless.

shirley said...

Your daughter is gorgeous and really knows how to rock a pair of boots. I love your B&W shot.

Anonymous said...

beautiful girls indeed and some great photos. I particularly like the one of the two of them on the park bench


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