Saturday, September 4, 2010

D-250 Daily shoot

I went looking for my daily shoot today and met this little lady her name is Sophie she is 7 months old and very friendly.
I love Doxies!


The daily challenge
"Water sustains life. Color enhances life. Make a photo today combining color and water."
Water & Color

While reading Sasi's blog I noticed he has a blog follower who is very thorough in his comments and gives great advice so I took a look at his work. OMG! This guy calls himself an amateur but no, I wouldn't call him that. His images are rich, colorful and lots of contrast. Nakhil Ramkarran

Interesting read about the rights of photographers entering competitions. Worth the read Know your rights


greygirl25 said...

Sophie is adorable. I love your POV.

And the water and sky were very beautiful.

AB said...

I like the composition in the dog photo. The shadow and the leash provide nice balance. And the dog itself has great staring eyes

Anonymous said...

great shot of the dog, love the way she is staring up at the camera. I like how you have worked the shadow in to the comp.

dot said...

Hey, can you hear me? lol

Judy said...

I have to agree with everyone about the puppy shot.

snaphappee said...

Sophie is beautiful! Is the blur on the pavement changes in pavement, or differing DOF?

I like your choice of subjects for the water assignment. I let that one slide because I just didn't feel inspired. Lazy me.

Anonymous said...

First shot is beautiful. What not to like about this shot - like the high POV, love those begging eyes, and those strong shadows. All these make this such a nice shot.


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