Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D-260 Shadows

I always work hard at avoiding shadows in my images - but guess what? Shadows add contrast to images, they add dimension and interest.
Today's Daily Shoot Challenge is: Hard shadows can emphasize texture and edges. Find a scene lit with hard shadows today and make a photo.

I didn't "Find" a scene I had to create one. Here's my entry:
Hard Shadows - little elephants
Hard Shadows little elephants

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Imogen Cunningham


Anonymous said...

So true Sandra, we (photogs) try avoiding shadows in photos and this was an interesting assignment.

I like those cute little elephants and you did very well for TDS assignment.

Carolyn Ford said...

sometimes the shadows make the picture...and these fall into that category (I think).

Leslie said...

Oh awesome. Those shadows to help the picture!

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

As usual, I have to be contrariwise :) I love shadows and often make them the an integral part of my composition. But between you and Sasi (who both dislike shadows) you do an awfully good job with them.

snaphappee said...

Nice job on this! I really had a hard time with this one, and ended up just skipping it. Your shadows really make the photo!

Judy said...

That's a wonderful job of using shadows. It's a great image.

Asiam Designs Photography said...

Really cool....


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