Tuesday, September 28, 2010

D-273 Just plugging away . . .

The Daily Shoot #317 Power plugs are ubiquitous. Can you make a creative photo of such a common thing? Try it today!
Not sure how to make a power plug interesting and creative so I played with lights.

Plugged in

Reading "Photography foundations for art & design" by Mark Galer

Nikhil asked about the lights in yesterdays post . . .they are a string of "Christmas lights." They are bokehed in the background. Aperature today is F/4.5 yesterday F/1.8


snaphappee said...

AWESOME way to present a boring old power plug!! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Awesome bokeh..you have made an uninteresting subject look real good with the inclusion of bokeh in your shot.

For some reason this shot reminds me of bokeh effect by Christmas lights.

Leslie said...

Good job! That seemed like a tough one but you guys did great :)

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

Hard to believe that someone could actually get a pretty shot with that assignment.

It looked like you had the cord coiled in the corner of the photo. Might not have been a bad idea to include a little more of the coil to bring a different shape in the frame.

I am definitely going to steal that idea with the Christmas lights. They make the photo.

Anonymous said...

the overlapping effect of the bokeh itself is interesting. another great glamour shot for an everyday object

AB said...

An old plug seen in a new light


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