Tuesday, September 7, 2010

D-253 The daily shoot the number 9 & 6 and Hands

No portrait work today - today I followed the daily shoot. Two days worth to be exact.
The daily shoot:
"Make a photograph with either a 9 or 6 (components of today's date) in it represented in some way and post it today."

We've had these old milk quarts for a while. I happened to turn them over and there were the numbers.
The bottles were placed on a light box (light is underneath the subject).

A couple of days ago the challenge was The daily shoot
A person's hands can tell a story. Take a picture of someones hands today.
Hard working hands

My mom is one of the hardest working people I know. She doesn't let much slow her down. She loves doing yard work.

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snaphappee said...

Nice work! I like the way you lit the bottle! The diagonal line in the photo of your mom's hand really makes the shot. I'm always inspired by your work!

Anonymous said...

Nice take on TDS assignments. I like the "hands" shot a lot. A nice tribute to "working" hands.

shirley said...

I love the bottle. Nice light through there.
And I guess it's fall and time to rake some leaves :-)

Judy said...

Great light and composition on the bottle shot. Nice angle on the hand shot.

greygirl25 said...

The lighting on the bottle is very cool, kind of unique.

I love the hand best of all. It shows such wonderful character.

Anonymous said...

2 really great shots. I love the light in the milk quarts. The one of your mother's hand is a really simple yet strong comp - one of my favourites so far.


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