Friday, January 7, 2011

To what extreme's would you go for an image?

Do your families think your strange? Do you lose sleep hunched over your computer post processing and learning/reading photography related things?
Are you aware of the light around you at all times? You may be a little bit obsessed. Not to worry your not alone. There are a bunch of support groups around. This is one of them, Facebook Project 365, project 365 there is alot of support out there, but not to help you quit, only to make you better.

This one was a bit eerie. Night shot - hand held because my tripod broke. It's 15 degrees F out. I almost froze!
This was a little strange. Found it behind a church. We pulled up to take a picture of a window and this was behind the church. No fence, no signs. It felt weird so we left right away.

Lonely & cold - here's another park bench.
Lonely & cold

I haven't been able to warm up so I'm getting some hot tea! Enjoy your weekend.


greygirl25 said...

Nice night shots.

As far as your description for the obsession, I think you are in my head.

Sign me up for intervention.

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

In a strange way I both like and dislike the statue in the dark. Intellectually I appreciate how you composed it, had I been there this is pretty much exactly the way I'd have done it. But I just don't like how it came out. I admire your dedication though. I'd have been spooked as hell :)

On the other hand, I love the bench. It looks perfect in black and white. On a cold and lonely night, it somehow looks inviting. Beautifully composed too, and it isn't easy getting the angle on these shots right.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have the dreaded disease. My family makes fun of me, although I have noticed that I am getting the occasional 'cool' or 'neat' so I'm wearing on them. I get up at 3AM in 10 degree weather to try to photograph meteors. I have been averaging 1 or more posts/day, but I do not take photographs every day.

Nice shot, I like the bench very much.


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