Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The first full moon of the year . . . maybe

Last night was supposed to be the first full moon of the year. My mother in law called me to tell me about it.
So David and I set out, tripod in tow to try and capture the first full moon of 2011. Again, no such luck, if you remember on the first we were out looking for the first Sun Rise of the year but it was too cloudy. Again, the clouds have won. So instead I tried a little night time photography. I've always been fascinated by Terry and Sasi's night adventures.
While out there in the cold, my tripod finally gave out! It's pretty old, and I knew I would be needing a new one soon, but I just wasn't ready. So now I'm in the market not only for a blog site but also a tri-pod. It's all part of the New Years Challenge. LOL
Twilight and a partially frozen lake
The twinkle of lights
This next one was hand held - i'm surprised it turned out with that slow of a shutter speed, but it worked.
A lonely park bench
Park bench at night.
So if you cannot shoot what you set out to do just turn around and shoot something else. It'll all be fine in the end.
I had a couple of questions about my photography groups - these are local groups I joined just do a google search for "meet ups" and "photography groups" in your area and you should have the information you are looking for.

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Nikhil Ramkarran said...

I like the handheld shot of the bench. The light in the background looks like it is beaming through a hole in glass with crack lines radiating out. Interesting effect.

I got a new tripod for Christmas from my wife. She bought it at my suggestion :) But as usual I did a fair amount of research before.

Its a carbon fiber Benro, a lower priced Chinese brand which has a lot of positive reviews. It appears to be based on the design of a much more expensive Gitzo. I'll email you the details later in the day.

Anonymous said...

As you said, you gotta be flexible. I get a vision in my head of a cool shot that doesn't turn out so cool, so try a different angle, different lighting, or just blow up the idea and start over. Some of my best shots are from the latter.

Vignesh TG said...

I go with Nikhil, the second has come really good, particularly the street light adds beauty to the pic.

xolexo said...

Yet again you were let down by the elements and still managed to produce amazing results. I am intrigued by both photos.

My favorite of the two is the bench photo. It mirrors the way I feel 90% of the time, and I'm in awe of the fact that you can stand still enough to even capture a good photo at night! That thing would have been ALL blurry if I tried this. Awesome, Sandra!

Carolyn Ford said...

I have always felt that coming home empty handed because of clouds in the wrong places would be just too much to handle! I, more often than not, wind up shooting something I never thought I was looking for...your night shots are beautiful! Love the park bench...

snaphappee said...

Beautiful work! I love the glow of the lights in the first shot. The feel of the second is so...isolated...but not scary. They are both great!

shirley said...

Beautiful shots, even if they weren't what you set out to shoot. Sometimes those end up to be more satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how I missed this post ;)
I like the first shot - it has to do something with the darkness and wonderful reflections. I like the street lighting on the second shot.


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