Saturday, January 1, 2011

D-365 The end of a 2 year project

I am relieved and yet I have so many unanswered issues. I had planned on presenting my new blog and website today. That hasn't happened. I don't like change and although I've been unhappy, on a business stand point, with my website and my blog I've dragged my feet. Dreading making the wrong choice. I have switched over to Smugmug for my Photography Website but it won't be operational until the end of the month. Since I don't have that up and running I have a little more time on deciding what blog to use. It's between Wordpress and Typepad. I've heard positives and negatives about both. So, for the rest of this month, I'll be on this blog. I'll keep you posted.

I am not committing to doing another 365 day project, but I will probably post frequently. Scott Bourne says we should shoot every day, maybe even several times a day. It's the only way to be a better photographer. I intend on continuing the tradition.

Although this is my second year posting an image a day, the last year I've seen the largest learning curve. I've improved immensely and I attribute that to Tasra Mars Blog/Challenge.This was my article in September 2010

It all started about 3 years ago when I wanted a nice camera to take “better” pictures for my scrapbooking hobby, so my husband gave me a Nikon D-80 for Christmas. I shot in Auto Mode for the first year. One year later, I purchased a used Nikon D-300. I started a picture a day project/blog about a year and a half ago, with a group of photographers of all skill levels.
For the first year, I literally just took pictures. I had no direction, no guide and no plan. Pictures of everything and anything would make an appearance in my blog, once I even included my laundry. Most of these images were not very creative, just point and shoot, but I worked on learning something about photography every day.

On February 14, 2010 I came across Tasra Mar’s Blog in which she says that our photography will improve by 300% if we:

1.Take at least one picture a day.
2.Read at least 1 page in the camera manual
3.View other professional images every day.
That day I signed on – I took the challenge. Six and a half months later I have completely read the users manual for the D-300 and I have followed her recommendation to become a better photographer. I have also taken on a daily challenge (The Daily Shoot) in which they give you a guide line for your picture of the day. My learning curve has tripled in the last six months.

These are a few of the things I’ve learned in my photographic journey:

■We all need a little help along the way and it’s o.k. to ask when you are stuck, there are people willing to help.
■Challenges are good for growth, it makes you think outside of the box.
■I can study other people’s work, outside of a classroom setting, and find out what it is I like about it, then “lift” my own style and include what I have learned from it in my own work.
■The camera is only as good as the person holding it.
■It helps me grow faster when I share what I’ve learned.
■I have to have tough skin, if I want to continue on this journey.
■It will all pay off in the end…
I’m reading the book Vision Mongers by David duChemin and he puts into words what it feels like in my life every day.

It’s the calling, the passion, the vision. It makes me pick up my camera every single day, sometimes several times a day. It makes me look at objects/people and wonder how I can shoot it creatively. I do it because I cannot “not” do it. It may not always be my best but it’s my best for that day.

So I will continue to pick up the camera every single day, I will continue to take pictures because I cannot “not” do it. I no longer shoot in Auto mode and I see the world in a “different” light. I see colors, shapes, light and shadows. I see details. I have a greater
appreciation for the world around me. I have found my passion and my drive.

I don't think I know how "not to take a picture" everyday.
My grandiose idea for my 365th post (2010) was a sunrise. What can be better than that on 1/01/11? We went to the freezing beach at 6:00 am, on our day off, and there was not sunrises to be had.
goodnight moon, I want the sun . . .
The first sunrise
the first sunrise of 2011
above the moon - it could be Venus. I thought it was a star but further research said that it was Venus. Who am I to argue.

I've been long winded today - so obviously not a goodbye - at least not yet.


shirley said...

Beautiful wrap to your project! I hear you on the blog platform thing. I would love to change to a custom Wordpress, but don't want to deal with the hassle. There are only a couple of things I don't like about Blogger and you can't beat the price!

Good luck with the upcoming changes and look forward to your work in the coming year!

xolexo said...

Congratulations on completing your second year! I'm really sorry to see you leaving Blogger :(

The second photo is my favorite, hands down. The converging lines are so interesting and the colors are gorgeous. <3

snaphappee said...

Wonderful post! I've said it before, but I will repeat - I appreciate how you always help us do better. You share information, encourage us to expand, you push your readers without being "pushy." Thank you for all you do!

I also love the second photo! The variations of blue, and the lines across the frame are just fabulous!

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

First, the photographs. As I've now discovered, it is a mistake to try and set your sights on an amazing finish. Photography is a reactive art which (mostly) allows you to present what is already there. I think the last few I got were good, but not the greatest. So I hope you won't take offense when I say that these last shots of yours were good, but not your greatest. I like that you ended with a landscape and certainly anyone seeing only these will have seen great photography.

What I've liked most though is seeing your evolution over the year. I came late to your blog, but although I only started commenting on recent photos, I've gone through the entire year's photos. A lot of it is amazing and what isn't amazing on its own is amazing because it shows your growth as a photographer. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you.

Regarding a blogging platform; I have a bit of experience with Wordpress. 6 months ago I'd never considered blogging, but I had things to say, so I made a try. I did everything from scratch myself, including migrating from a free site to my own domain. Experience, as you know, is the best teacher. Email me if you think I can help.

sharin said...

I agree with Nikhil, these *are* good photos, even if there isn't a sunrise amongst them.

I just found your blog a few weeks ago and decided to follow you. I hope you'll leave a bread crumb trail on this blog so I can find you when you move!
Thanks for posting,

Anonymous said...

A perfect way to end your 365 project. Lovely blue sky on these shots. Second one is my favorite. I like the "layers" captured in this shot.

I want you thank you for supporting me on my 365 project by commenting on my blog posts. Thougt it could be few words at timesm it matters a lot for photogs by the end of the day ;)

I will always remember your shots when I come across bokeh do great with bokeh and portraits.

Best of luck and hope to see your photo posts in this new year.

Regarding blogging platform, I have good experience with wordpress. In my case, I went from hosting my own blog using wordpress engine to hosting it on and it doesn't cost me much either. Feel free to contact me if you need any help on blogging platform.

Best wishes again!

Leslie said...

You are an inspiration. Gorgeous ending to the year - I look forward to continuing to watch and learn from you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another year.

I know exactly how you feel about not knowing how not to pick up the camera each day. I am also undecided as to what to do. For now I am just going to carry on, I don't know whether it will be exclusively night time photography I am just going to see where things take me. Good luck with your new website and your goals for 2011.

Judy said...

I have just moved to SmugMug as well. I'm dragging my feet on the finishing touches.


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