Thursday, January 6, 2011

Team-Up Thursday "New"

Well, you know I couldn't go too long without a challenge. Today's was definitely a challenge because of time issues. None the less I have completed and created a Diptych With Staci .
She took this beautiful classy image of her "new" cologne. I took a picture of Isabella's "new" toy.
Diptych #1  New (2)

How is everyone doing? Those of you who have completed your 365, are you still posting? Have you moved your blogs? Let us know we'd like to follow.


Nikhil Ramkarran said...

There is such a wide divergence in subjects in the diptych that it works in a weird way. The untextured upper image contrasts nicely with the lower. I like the humour of the shot, very interesting.

shirley said...

Oh, Isabella's new toys are so cute - very nicely arranged, too! Ah, to be young again.
But then, you can't slather on that Chanel no 5 when you are a youngster (well, you could, but somehow, it's not the same).
Glad you are participating in Team Up Thursday!

Megan said...

my first thought was, "cinderella would certainly appreciate that perfume" :). great to have you two on board!

Anonymous said...

Interesting diptych. Somehow I couldn't relate perfume with the toys ;)

Nevertheless, I like the soft lighting on the toys.

~Cheryl said...

Thank you for leaving a Flickr comment! I've enjoyed browsing your blog and found inspiration to keep trying night photography. Good question about what happens when 365 days are up. I've thought about that off and on (a little over 2 more months to go!). My camera has become such a part of me; I can't imagine not having it close at hand at all times!

snaphappee said...

That looks like a fun concept! Nice work!


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