Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh baby . . .

I had an appointment with this little fellow tonight, but he had other plans. So we are meeting again on Saturday to try it again. We will blame it on the clouds again. Wish me luck.

Baby P

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Vignesh TG said...

Nice shot !! i love his eyes and the way his index finger points

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

This might not be the cheerful, smiling baby shot that most parents like, but it has character and strong charm. He looks like he is being his own person, active rather than reactive. I like it.

shirley said...

He's a cutie and full of character! Can't wait to see more of him.

Judy said...

Cute shot. Good luck on the shoot.

Anonymous said...'s much of a character portrait of this little fellow and I quite like it.


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