Monday, January 3, 2011

Landscape photography . . .

One of my goals for 2011 was to join a photography group. I've accomplished that already. Actually I signed up for two photography groups. One of them is informal. Just getting together for meetups and such. The other is a bit more structured and is based on learning, sharing, participating and showing your work, as in contest(sigh). This is all part of the plan of continuing my photography education and growth.
Yesterday was our first meet-up. We got together in the state of Michigan. It was really cold! We had 9 (total) dedicated photographers who withstood the elements. We spent in excess of 4 hours walking and taking pictures. We walked in town and then went into a restaurant to warm up. Then we went to the lake/beach, then we went to a carousel house. It was so much fun meeting new photographer and making some new friends. I look forward to our next outing.

A day in the park

Pier Workers
please note that they are walking on ice. The Pier was completely frozen over with the waves still splashing over. I was walking on ice but it was not that narrow.
Pier workers

Lighthouse with waves

lighthouse frozen pier


I haven't found a niche in landscape photography yet. I haven't studied it enough to figure out how to make them interesting, now give me a person and I've got that!
The Copper man. Is he real or not?
Copper man

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Helga Kvam


greygirl25 said...

Oh please. That lighthouse is stunning! The comp, the color, the waves...

And as for copper man, I'm guessing he's real.

Nice work Sandra.

Diana Ornes said...

Love all these shots Sandra! If you don't mind sharing, what groups did you join? I am always looking for other resources and photographers to network with!

Vignesh TG said...

I love the first 3 shots !!
the last pic copper man is it real or a statue !!

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

I really like the first of the lighthouse shots. I don't do landscapes well either, but I do know when they are good and that lighthouse shot is very good. The composition is very good and the contrasting colours, from the green of the foreground waves to the blue in the sky, separated by the white of the lighthouse really make the image work.

Closer to my preferences is the frozen water on the steel barrier. I think I would have ended up taking photos of that, and forgotten everything else :)

Anonymous said...

I think those icicles are really cool. The status is frighteningly real.

Denise said...

I was curious too as to what groups you joined? I too want to grow and learn..

snaphappee said...

Great photos! That first one of the lighthouse is awesome! My favorite one is the pier workers though - I think because it really tells a story.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots Sandra.

I do like the lighthouse shot - I think the red came out vivid against the blue sky and waves looks awesome. It feels real cold looking at all these pics - looks like quite an adventure.

2nd shot - I thought those guys are walking atop a submarine ;)

Copper man look real to me - but then I again who would dress up like a copper man in the frigid weather ;)

So he's not real(?)

shirley said...

I can feel the cold spray from the lake - bbbrrrr! Beautiful captures.

I think the copper man is real!

Judy said...

Great shots, Sandra. I was in a meet up group in Rochester. Some of these photos remind me of going out to Lake Ontario in freezing temps with those guys. It's not as bad when you're with others, somehow. Good luck on your goal.

shayne gray learns photography %$#! said...

The copper man is definitely done up pretty well.

I really love those icicles though!

Beautiful as always. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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