Saturday, January 8, 2011

So frustrated with blogger. I had a lot to say and I did say it but blogger didn't like it so he threw it all away. I'll take care of you blogger!


got it got it


to know more about these images go to Flickr


xolexo said...

Awww, I'm so sorry about your lost post. Blogger will get his! -fist shake-

Anyhow, I adore the three as usual, but the second is especially great. I love the parallels in the light pole, tree, and Dave. How did you not freeze in all that snow?! Kudos for your perseverance.

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

I've learned by hard experience that when commenting on blogger posts to copy the text just in case. If you use a newer windows computer have a look at the Live Essentials suite. A basic wordprocessor is included called Live Writer. It can interface with your wordpress or blogger blog so you can write (and format) your posts on your computer and just hit the "Publish" button when ready. It can also save a local copy so if blogger screws up you won't lose everything.

Cool photos by the way. You are very dedicated to be going out in that weather. My favourite is the last shot, I like the colour you brought to the scene with the out of focus lights.

shirley said...

Sorry to hear that Blogger is being such a pain. I'll definitely check out flickr for the info on the captures, which are wonderful, as usual.
And you did see steam from my coffee cup picture. I love how other photogs see those details. They "get" it!


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