Sunday, January 9, 2011

Low Key

and so I'm back, unable to change my hosting domain or blog accounts yet. Hmmm, grrr
today's challenge is Low Key
No I won't let go . . .

I was enjoying the sunshine today so I took a walk in my yard.

and the sun does shine in N.W. Indiana, sometimes
The sun does shine in NW Indiana



Anonymous said...

Lovely, especially the twisty vine.

I am pretty fluent in bringing up websites, configuring hosts, DNS, etc. Ping me at if I can help.

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

The only one of the series I didn't particularly care for was the sun through the trees. It seemed a bit incomplete.

As for the rest, they are fantastic. Probably my favourite shots from you in a while.

Anonymous said...

Love these shots. First one is my favorite. I started enjoying B/W shots and really like the twined vines.

xolexo said...

Okay, you know which one is my favorite. Hello beautiful, perfectly exposed, perfectly COMposed black and white close-up! I am so jealous that you have things this beautiful in your yard. Gorgeous.

greygirl25 said...

I like your landscape work. The first image is awesome.

shirley said...

My Favorite is the last image - I see those seed pods everywhere except in my backyard. Very delicate, gorgeous bokeh.

snaphappee said...

Your ability to make the most mundane things into art just amazes me! These are all wonderful!

Judy said...

Nice shots. My favorite is the bottom, then the top.


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