Friday, December 31, 2010

D-364 Happy New Year's Eve

as we approach the end of this photographic year. . . .
we must decide which paths to take.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

We took a walk this evening in a town close to us, Crown Point, Indiana. It has a lot of historic building I had grand ideas of all of the slow shutter images I would take - but I forgot my tri-pod. What I did do was push my camera and myself to the max. Hand held I give you a dark alley, which reminds me of the likes of Sherlock Holmes.
dark alley 2
Similar to Nikhils post the other day, which path will you take? Will you stay on the one you know, the one where everything is lit and you know the well worn path or will you venture into the path that is new and you know nothing about. Me? I guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow, which officially ends my Project 365 for 2010. I guess we can find out together. What about you?
In a dark alley
(something happens in transferring from photoshop to flickr - not sure why they get darker).
came across this lovely lady looking out the window at an antique store
Hello darling!!!
On of my goals for this year is to tackle photoshop. I asked my lovely friend Alexis, who's a whiz, to teach me a few things that her and my daughter have learned. I sent her yesterdays image and asked her to make it look like an ad. Here is what she did.
Textures and such
You can find her tutorial here Challenge Accepted Step by step in layman's terms. Thank you so much Alexis, I love it.



xolexo said...

Wow, I really love the mannequin photo! It has a sort of 50s tone to it that I am really enjoying with that particular shot. Awesome!

Happy New Year, happy birthday to Izzle, and thanks a ton for the plug! ;D

greygirl25 said...

Sandra, you are such a tease! So curious about what you have in store for us for next year.

Loved your night photos. Photoshop is fun, you will enjoy it tremendously.

This guy has done some really fun stuff for his 365 in Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

I love those dark alley photos. Darkness brings eeriness and you have captured the mood.

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

The alley shot is excellent, very moody and evocative of a dark gloomy environment. This is one of those photos that can cause you to make up a whole story in your mind. Excellent.

I prefer the portrait version, but that tends to be my preference.

Anonymous said...

I like how the reflected light is so subtle.

shayne gray learns photography %$#! said...

Congratulations on your 365 and thanks for the feedback on my Christmas post.

I love the Sherlock Holmes alleys!

All the best of 2011 and looking forward to seeing/reading more!

shayne gray learns photography


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