Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby BJ

Some of you have already seen these images but I wanted to share on my blog.

Baby BJ is a newborn who wants to act more like a toddler. I love taking pictures of newborns! Cute cute cute.

These were taken in my home studio with window lights and reflector only.
Baby BJ

Today Elli shared this blog with me: Gardening gone wild He has an interesting project called Macro in a Mason Jar. My jar isn't large enough but it was good enough to get a couple of close ones. Next time I'll play around some more.



greygirl25 said...

Baby BJ is beautiful. I love the eyes.

The mason jar project looks very, very cool. Hmmm, wonder if I can come up with something. Thanks for the link.

xolexo said...

That is a really interesting idea. I'll have to try it sometime! You did an awesome job, especially on the button shot. (And, of course, on baby BJ, but that goes without saying ;D.) You continue to be inspiring!

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

He is adorable indeed. I think the best light for newborns is diffused sunlight. I'm not the biggest fan of strobes, but I realise that amazing things can be done with them. Somehow or other though, I've never seen a baby look better than in the sun.

I like the buttons in the jar too, the screws don't have the variety, but the buttons are a visual feast.

Larry Eiss said...

I love that shot of little BJ. And I would never have thought of the patterns, textures, and colors you brought to light with the macro-in-a-jar idea. Thanks for another inspiring post.

staci said...

Very cute baby !!!

snaphappee said...

Great work! You already know I love the shot of Baby BJ. :-) I also love the buttons, and Nikhil hit the screw right on the head - it's the lack of visual variety that makes the screws less appealing. The buttons are awesome! How did you light your macro-in-a-jar?

staci said...

Hey I just looked at the gardening macro jar post and it looks so fun !! Thanks for the find !

Anonymous said...

Cute baby and excellent use of natural light to lit the baby. Love his pose too ;)

Judy said...

The newborn shot is wonderful. Such a cutie. The closeups are interesting - especially the buttons.

Levonne said...

That baby picture is adorable! I love the soft blue.


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