Wednesday, July 7, 2010

D-183 Another self portrait - Black and white

Today marks the halfway point for My 365 project 2010. Yay!
Today I'm posting 3 pictures.

Self protrait of my freckles in all their glory. I really don't like them but after all of these years it's just me.
Light box behind and slightly to camera left, reflector on the floor
Nikon D-300, 50 mm

Self portrait in studio. I added grain and noise to make it look older.
Technically not a great pose, but I like it. I relly am tired and wondering if there is a break sometime in the near future.

The Gardener in 'Debits and Credits'

One grief on me is laid
Each day of every year,
Wherein no soul can aid,
Whereof no soul can hear:
Whereto no end is seen
Except to grieve again-
Ah, Mary Magdalene,
Where is there greater pain?

just thought that poem sounded appropriate for the image today.

and finally, after sharing my image from yesterday with Pam Lopez, she suggested I try a slight different crop and convert to black and white.
I like it!
The soul
I hadn't noticed the reflection of myself in the eye until David pointed it out today.

Images viewed: Mike Colon - To Flash or not to flash January 2007My reading corner:
Nikon Manual 247-248
A Short Course in Photography


Andrey Dorokhov said...

Great self portraits and I feel the mood you giving with that!
Second shot I like most, with you eye opened.
Nice monochrome tones

snaphappee said...

It seems you're in a monochrome mood. Great work on all of these - I love your freckle-portrait. That one of Dave looks good in b&w.

Are you going to the camper for the weekend, or will you be around the internet? I'd love to catch up with you this weekend by IM or phone. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Nice portraits Sandra. Monochrome is very effective on these shots. Love the pose the composition on these shots. Nice job!

Amanda said...

Your freckles are so cute!! Perfect focus! Great monochrome conversions!

Leslie said...

You are awesome. I love the freckles! I can't see them in your header picture so they surprised me today. Love it :)

greygirl25 said...

I agree with the tighter crop. I still think that photo rocks.

Nice self-portraits. They look a little melancholy. I hope you are taking care of yourself through all of this.

How is your dad doing?

Anonymous said...

the top sp is my favourite, nice smooth tones and perfect comp

AB said...

The first self-portrait is very the pretty. The other is revealing sombre. An impressive piece of work


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