Wednesday, July 14, 2010

D-190 Wow!

In searching for my image for today I came across this . . .

and some more storms rolling in
I ran in through a little topaz,

and on the drive home from the hospital and gym I was watching the sky which was an interesting shade of blue. I ran home grabbed the tripod and headed back out, but as it was already late the sky had grown darker.
I set up the tri-pod anyway
the original image is pretty amazing because one can see the crevices and shape of the moon.

Also, as to not keep you in suspense about yesterdays image (Judy guessed it) it's a bottle of cologne. Shot with a macro lens

I did not read today because of a too full schedule.
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Martin Schembri


greygirl25 said...

Your skies are amazing. The blue sky and clouds are surreal.

Thanks for the heads up on the perfume bottle. I would have never guessed.

snaphappee said...

That first shot is just stunning!! Zowie! The moon and clouds are nice too.

Cologne bottle! Never thought of that!

Anonymous said...

I like the pov on the first shot and its a nice composition. Amazing blue sky.

shirley said...

Beautiful! And I love all of your pictures - adding you to my photo blog roll!

KimberlyElaine said...

Wonderful image.

Ken Worley said...

Great shot of the bird and light silhouette, the sky is awesome.

Anonymous said...

love the one with the bird on the lamppost the processing on the sky it gives it a sense of drama

Gallow said...

Your post processing work is fantastic. I need lessons from you.


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