Monday, July 19, 2010

D-195 Viking!

The daily shoot: "Ads promote removing wrinkles, but they often add character. Make a photo of something wrinkled, crinkled, or folded."
This is my second subject - our Viking doesn't need skin smoothing cream, he's happy just the way he is.


this was the first image I took but I thought the Viking would be more interesting

Images viewed: Jerry Ghionis

My reading corner: Read Nikon Manual 293-296
Rangefinder July 2010
Vision Mongers" by David duChemin

Lesson learned: When shooting night photography u need a good tri-pod
Shoot through umbrellas can make for great looking light.


Anonymous said...

Surely Vikings doesn't care about their wrinkles ;)

I like the texture and low angle capture on this shot.

snaphappee said...

Great textures on that wrinkly viking! I also like the second one - it has a nice abstractness to it.

greygirl25 said...

The detail in the viking is fabulous.

Nice spin on the challenge.

AB said...

The Viking does not look happy at all. It must have been a hard day raping and pillaging.


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