Sunday, July 4, 2010

D-179 & D-180 4th of July weekend

My daughter was on leave this weekend so we took Isabella to the campground and she went swiming while down there. I added a warming filter because it was so bright out.
ISO200, 50mm, F/16, S1/40s, Nikon D-300
Isabella pool

The daily shoot:
"It's Independence Day in the U.S (fireworks!). Make a photo with celebration as the theme, wherever you are."
fireworks rs
F2.8, 1/80s, ISO 500, 70-200mm at 98 mm, Nikon D-300
I should have reseached taking photos of fireworks before I left for the campground but it was hit or miss.

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Images Viewed: Mike Colon

My reading corner:
Nikon Manual 212-225
A Short Course in Photography


greygirl25 said...

Isabella is a beautiful child, you do such a wonderful job of capturing her.

Those fireworks were tough last night. I did my research and it was hit or miss. :o)))

snaphappee said...

You did a great job with the fireworks! I did my research too, and I still didn't get what I wanted.

Isabella gets more beautiful with every photo.

Anonymous said...

Cute shot of Isabella. Love her smile. My daughter used to have similar swim wear when she was 3yr old.

I do think you did a nice job with the fireworks.

Amanda said...

Great shots! I really like the framing with the ladder.


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