Friday, July 30, 2010

D-206 a challenge and a challenge

Friday's fun challenge at Project 365 FB is "Sun"
funny it's been 98 degrees F over here for the past two weeks. As soon as I have a "sun" challenge it cools down and it's cloudy all day. It's just funny how things work out sometimes.
so I went and picked sunshine from my mother-in-laws house. Thanks Jan!

My Sunshine today

So I have this delicious lens. It's a 70-200 mm, Nikon 2.8. It's really nice but I haven't found the sweet spot yet. It's heavier than I'm used too and most images come out blurry because it's too heavy. My friend Pam, mostly uses that lens. She calls it her Pamaratzzi Lens. Today she challenged me to use this lens for a whole week and see if I wouldn't fall in love with it.
Today I put the 50 mm on then I changed it to the 70-200. The difference was amazing. The background easily boked out and became creamy. What every photog wants!

Images Viewed: Aleksandras Babicius

My reading corner:
Nikon D-300 Manual pages 324-344


Carolyn Ford said...

That's a very beautiful "sun!"

Gallow said...

I have a similar Canon Lens. They are heavy, but incredible an incredible lens.

The black eyed susan was my Grandmother's favorite flower. They are photogenic. Great photo!

snaphappee said...

You found a great way to get a bit of sun for your photo! That bokeh is wonderful! I'd love to try the 70-200 sometime - maybe I'll rent one. said...

I like the creamy bokeh on this shot too besides the sharpness on black eyes susan. Perfect composition.

Judy said...

This is lovely bokeh. I have the 18-200 and have been wanting this one as a replacement. But I'm concerned about the size and weight.


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