Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today . .

Today's picture comes from Mexico, where I am sure it is as warm today as it was when I took this picture. I played with it in photo shop then topazed it. Wilky said as long as I did something different to it, it would count as todays picture.
Why no new picture? Because it's all white outside. That's right, all white and so far I couldn't take a picture of anything with enought contrast to make it interesting. It's been snowing and blowing snow for 2 days.
It is a full moon but I don't have a 200mm lens (YET) to take a good enough pictures.
Yeah, I know lots of excuses today.
So I'm calling it a night and maybe tomorrow I'll get some awesome snow shots.


Tess said...

Wow I really like that!

Jennifer said...

awesome shot with action you added. That is something different.

Amanda said...

This is really nice! It would go well as a canvas or as a greeting card. Beautiful!


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