Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This one is from Pam 80/365

To much to do, to busy today, prior engagements, to many hours spent editing yada yada yada
I did not take this picture. Pam Lopez took it and she edited this one. I like it. My "babies" look great. Thanks so much Pam.

This one I did take yesterday - I played with it today
It's Pam and her husband exploring the old church. This building is huge!


Fingers To Toes Photography said...

That's cool - that last one, LOVE the fish eye. Your puppies are soo adorable!

Mel said...

that is it, I'm in love with the fish eye lens. It turns a subject into art! great shots!

Martin Wilkins said...

Nice, that fisheye is one smart lens, nice portrait shot shame about the overgrown

Tess said...

You had so much fun with that fisheye!

love the portrait! :)

PLPortraiture said...

This lens DOES take 100 lbs off your body... LMAO!!!!


Thistle Creek Photography said...

cool fish eye, yesterdays are pretty snazzy too.

The doggies look pretty good there, as does their human. ;)

snaphappee said...

You know I love that shot of you and your "babies!" Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

Jennifer said...

Awesome! cute babies!!


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