Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday & Sundays pictures

So you see I did take pictures yesterday - I just didn't think there was anything salvageable. Until this cute little face proved me wrong. Maybe I was just in a bad mood yesterday.
My little Twix playing in the snow.

Today's picture . . .I wanted to show you how practical my DH is. This is the reason I won't be getting my 70-200 lens anytime soon.

O.K. I'm just kidding. I love this old truck. It is a 1994 Chevy Silverado and we really do love our truck. It needed new tires. There it is.

This truck has pulled campers, helped moved several family members, pushed, climbed, circled, towed. It took us up and down the Smoky Mountains several times - no easy feat for a big truck. 130,000 miles and still going strong. and now with new tires and a few other minor adjustments - here's to 130,000 more miles!
This Chevy truck ROCKS!


Sunshine & Smiles said...

Hey, I remember the commercials for Chevy "like a Rock" ... remember?

and what a cute snowy snoot poochy!

Jennifer said...

cute lil Twix in the snow.. pets sure do cheer us up.

Wow the pick up truck have is alive today running well for your family.

Tess said...

They definitely don't make the trucks like they used to!

Cute Twix!

Eric L said...

I remember thoe like a rock comercials too. And Lol twix!

Brittany said...

Those were fun pictures of the truck!

Mel said...

tires are def. expensive but important! I loved the like a rock commercials, those chevys will go forever.

snaphappee said...

Twix is so cute in the snow!

Yay for Chevy trucks!! We have one too - it's the truck my husband waited 20 years for. We both love our Chevy!


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