Sunday, January 4, 2009

To serve and protect . . .

it's the oath my husband David took - and that he has done for the past 18 years, serve and protect in one of the toughest cities in the world. He has moved up with-in the ranks and he has done a great job.
He loves the police work but politics has gotten in the way.
He retires from police work in 2 years and starts over somewhere else.

This piece is from a collectible I got him a couple of years ago. I pray that God and his angels watch over him and his co-workers.

Each person's only hope for improving his lot rests on his recognizing the true nature of his basic personality, surrendering to it, and becoming who he is.
Sheldon Kopp

Lit by candle light for dramatic effect.

I'm proud of you baby - keep up the good work.


Tess said...

Nice figurine! I'm not really fond of the lighting since the face is so shadowed. Maybe move the candle a little more forward?

Eric L said...

Good for him. Many of my family have been in the police forces as well. Amazing people they all are, and I know your husband has to be the same

snaphappee said...

I am so thankful for the people who serve and protect us. They are often under-appreciated, and around here, at least, under-paid. I'm sorry to hear that politics is getting in the way of his continued service. What a shame.

Thank you for your good work, David!

Sunshine & Smiles said...

Wonderful captures! I like the dramatic lighting effect.

I purchased this same piece for Ed shortly after Christina was born. A FAVORITE!

We pray that St. Michael's wings surround and protect ALL our men in Uniform.
Definitely takes someone special to do the work Dave is doing. Even STRONGER to put up with the politics...

Jennifer said...

That is beautiful picture how you use the light. Could scrap the pix when you have the chance. You have make amazing pages with important pictures.



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