Wednesday, January 14, 2009

74/365 This weather is for the birds. . .

We are under severe winter storm alerts. So much so that schools where closed early and our court building was closed early. Which means I got to go home early. So, why did I wait until the sun was completely gone to go outside and take a pictre? LOL
I was up to my knees in snow and this is the best I could do...

I'm going to do something I don't do often enough . . lay on the couch, with my 2 lap dogs and watch t.v. until bed time. That's it.


Jennifer said...

Yes it has been crazy with the weather today. I made it out to school this morning and back home all okay. Peek in my blog with today pictures. Then I was told to not come in afternoon while kids will be go home early. (nice break)

Awesome picture of the birdhouse.

Get yourself comfortable for the night. You derv it.


snaphappee said...

I don't blame you for taking that extra time to do whatever you wanted...that sounds like fun! I do like the snowy birdhouse - and the caption is perfect!


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