Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I love Target! I bought these cute Owl place mats for my kitchen table and some wash clothes to brighten up my kitchen, and since the price was so reasonable I bought another set for the bathroom. Time to recycle all the old washclothes into car rags.

These are just snapshots as I was running low on ideas today.


Amanda said...

I love the OWL and the colorful washclothes! I've always had a thing for owls, I might have to look into getting some placemats for myself.

snaphappee said...

Cute stuff! I love Target too!

Jennifer said...

awesome things can find at target. Cool an Owl!

I *heart* target!!

snaphappee said...

Oh - and in response to your comment on my blog - are you going to teach your dogs to "out" the same way Molly does it? Cuz that's not too hard to teach. lol.

PLPortraiture said...

I was tempted to grab those cute colorful bundles of cloths too!


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