Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Izzy!

His name is Ismail his nickname is Izzy. He's my 6'4" "baby." Today's his 17th birthday. Here he is with his neice Isabella.
He loves chocolate so chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate filling (a bit to rich for me).

and finally this picture has 2 purposes. #1 why I hate using my off camera flash - see it? the light reflects off of her eyes like pins. No big catch lights there.
What I do like is the clarity from my 50mm 1.4 lens and that you can almost see my whole living room in her eyes!
The other? A 2 year old who hasn't slept in almost 17 hours! What happened to naps at that age? She would not take a nap.


snaphappee said...

Happy Birthday Izzy!

(do you have 2 of your photos reversed? it looks like your photos don't match your text.)

Jennifer said...

Happy 17th Birthday Izzy!!

Hope the lil girl will be back on sleeping pattern!

Martin Wilkins said...

Ya, happy birthday Izzy, and thats why we have photoshop to fix flash :-)

Eric L said...

Happy nirthday! Clone out that flash ;)


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