Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Garden today

I thought it only took 21 days to create a habit? It's been 52 days forme and I fell off of the wagon. So do I start with day #1 again or just pick up where I left off?
well . . . my post for today is some Macro shots in my garden.

An ice storm.
Here's what my garden looks like today:


Amanda said...

Very nice...they look so fragile!

snaphappee said...

That ice is great! I really love that first shot.

Just pick up where you left off and don't worry about missing a day!

Mel said...

brrr! so pretty but so cold at the same time! I miss days all the time ;-) sometimes because I'm to lazy to upload and sometimes because I just honestly didn't touch my camera :-)

Jennifer said...

So pretty so neat close up to see the ice! Brr!


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