Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas in the Studio - the lens challenge

There are several things going on here.
First of all this is post 42 of 365
Second this is #3 of the 50mm 1.4 lens challenge. Four more to go.
Third - my friend is coming over to the "studio" and she wants some Christmas pictures taken. Well I thought I'd better get my tree up so that's what my mom and I did tonight.
Forth of all this is my oldest daughter (Isabella's mom) and she happened to be the only "child" here tonight so it was her turn to get infront of the camera.
and fifth - no I did not have my studio lights on. I only used my SB800 flash.

besides the lights - do you think the tree works for the background?
this time aperature was 1.4, ss500 and guess what? ISO 1250 yes I forgot it again!


Tess said...

I think it works well! Your daughter is beautiful! :)

Asiam Designs Photography said...
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Asiam Designs Photography said...

Muy Bonita! You should do a glamour shoot of her.

snaphappee said...

I think the tree works, but maybe it needs a little softer light? I don't know anything about lighting, but the tree looks a little... um... harsh? Your daughter is gorgeous, and looks natural in front of the camera!

Jennifer said...

Great to see S in the picture. She is beauitful. I know nothing with lens. ha I best speed up to catch up.


Eric L said...

Looks great!

Thistle Creek Photography said...

I think the tree is a lovely BG, but the white wall on the right side where there is not tree draws my eye. can you move so the wall is less in the photo or less noticeable?

Your Daughter is beautiful!

Mel said...

I think the tree works! Your daughter is beautiful! I agree about the wall though, do you have something you could hang on it so it was less bright maybe?

Brittany said...

First of all, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! Secondly, I don't see any grain - despite the high ISO I think it turned out fine. I do love the festiv-ey tree for the background. It's not in focus so it doesn't detract from the portrait. JMO though. Wonderful job! I think I'll try the same thing with my husband to see how it comes out!

Sandra said...

Thank you all for your CC and compliments.


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