Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The arrow - the challenge

"When you shoot an arrow of truth, dip it's point in honey"
Arab Proverb

Dave reminded me today that I actually own a 50mm, 1.4 and that I don't use it too often. Then he proceeds to tell me that he bought if for me because it's what he learned with (film). He says that, that particular lens "sees" mostly like the human eye and he thought that it would help train my eye as far as composing an image in the camera, without having to crop later. Isn't he sweet?
So I took it as a challenge - for the next week (except for Wednesday) I will be taking pictures with my 50mm 1.4 - with no cropping done to image.

Here's my first: Dave's arrows, they are laying on top of his Compound Bow - which he has had since High School. It's made of beautiful wood - but the wood has finally given in and it has cracked along the natural grain of the wood.

What do you think?
Now I have to figure out how to get that Nikon 70 - 200, 2.8. Now that's a sweet lens.


Jennifer said...

Perfect focus point!

Tess said...

Nice Sandra! We can lust after that 24-70 2.8 together! :)

Sandra said...

Sorry Tess it was a typo - I have the 24 - 70 it's the 70 - 200 that I want.

Sunshine & Smiles said...

You captured that arrow perfectly! I use my 50mm1.4 in studio exclusively.

YES, you NEED the 70-200mm ... WORK IT GIRL!!

snaphappee said...

Nice shot! And I love the idea of the challenge!

Thistle Creek Photography said...

Fantastic shot!

My 50mm 1.4 is for the old film camera, I miss it terribly.

Brittany said...

WOW! Seriously awesome comp. Great job!


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