Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Am I running out of willing models?

#46 out of 365 (it's way to early to run out of willing models!)

Lens challenge 7 out of 7. I passed that test and learned a lot along the way.
I noticed that yesterdays pictures looks like the colors are a bit off. They looked fine until I re sized it.
I've been editing pictures for 10 hours I THINK. I'm tired. There has got to be an easier way. Can you guys share what your secrets are?
I know that wedding photographers cannot sit and edit every single picture - what the secret. I'm trying lightroom on a 30 trial but it doesn't seem like much help to me. Please do share.


Jennifer said...

awesome shot of dogs..

Tess said...

They don't look to sure about the camera! hahahaha Congrats on passing the test!

snaphappee said...

They dogs look great!

I don't have much experience editing large numbers of photos, but I have found that it's useful to go through the shots and tag them with 1 (gonna be GOOD!), 2 (pretty nice), and 3 (might be worth keeping). Then I can choose all the 1's to batch edit - I do these things in Digital Photo Professional - and then the 2's, and then the 3's. After making the batch adjustments, I fine tune each photo. Does that make sense?

Brittany said...

That's funny. That's nice you have dogs to work on!

Eric L said...

Lightroom+batching it.

Plus, Go through and make a few "skim passes" where you eliminate the worst one's and tag with a rating (Flag's and colors work nice in LR)

Great shot with the dogs, but did you really scare everyone else off, LOL ;)

Mel said...

I practiced on my daughter's "baby woof" the other day, at least your models are alive ;-)


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