Monday, January 25, 2010

Monochromatic Monday

My minature doxy Twix


Ran 4.75 miles goal for the week 13 miles


snaphappee said...

Twix is beautiful! And I love the basket!

Amanda said...

Nice shot! Twix looks so cute in that basket!
Great job with your run today too!

Jennifer said...

Sweet!! That her who loves to be in basket??

Way to go with running goal.

PLPortraiture said...

Look at those catchlights!

How absolutely PRECIOUS! This conversion works perfectly.

Mel said...

adorable! I had a mini dachshund growing up (she was short hair though) and I just love them!

CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

this is too cute!!! esp with twix in the basket!!!! great job with your run as well!!!

Asiam Designs Photography said...



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