Sunday, January 10, 2010

A different look at Gilroy Stadium - Nature

Today's theme is Nature
I went back to Gilroy Stadium with a different lens/lenses and different shoes. I wore boots this time. The snow was 2 feet and more in some location and it was below zero.
I did manage to capture the blue sky though.

I took a lot of other interesting photos - I consolidated them in a story book created by Rita at CoffeeShop.
Gilroy Stadium

and some more:
Gilroy Stadium 2

Forgot to mention that I went back to shooting in Raw and the color difference is amazing!


Mel said...

brrr!!! Hopefully you are in the path of this warming trend they are saying is coming! I'm ready for that jet stream to go back north and stay up there! Love all of the shots but esp the 2nd storyboard!

Jennifer said...

First of all you have the guts to make it out there with this freeze weather! Thank to Dave willing to go with you.

Awesome pictures.. (one with the word dangerous can believe it dangerous, {wink}}

beautiful with blue sky!!

hope you are warm for the night!

Jennifer said...

Just realized there football things are left there. (didn't notice until look at it again!) wow..

snaphappee said...

I love that last one in the first storyboard...what are those tackly-practice things called? That's a great shot! I also love the rich colors you have in so many of these - I'd love to know your secret for those rich colors.

CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

of course these are wonderful sandra;) love the vibrant colors on them!!!!

tracysphotos said...

Wonderful shots! The colors are perfect. Have a great week.

Amanda said...

Awesome photos Sandra! This is all so interesting to me, sad to see it all vacant but interesting. Great processing on these too.

PLPortraiture said...

AMAZING SETS! Great Color again!

Todd Atchison said...

Great storyboards!! That looks like an awesome place to shoot!!


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