Friday, January 1, 2010


My first post of the year - the Theme is Loved
I'm trying to get moody light - Dave was in the studio and Khalila held the high tech lighting - flash light.


snaphappee said...

The lighting is definitely moody. Have you ever tried snooting your flashlight to control the spill? I might try that to see how it works...see? You're already inspiring me!

PLPortraiture said...

I really like this!

... was he wearing his leather chaps too? :p

Leslie said...

Love it. Lighting is definitely moody!

Sandra said...

No I haven't tried snooting the flash light but I will.
Pam, I'll never tell.
Thanks Leslie.

If anyone has articles on moodly lighting please share.

Mel said...

love the lighting, I want to see ya'lls results from snooting the flash..might have to try that soon here too if I can find something to makeshift with!


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